AIRDOS04 - The Pinnacle of Semiconductor Technology


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The AIRDOS04 represents the zenith of our engineering, combining compactness with unparalleled sensitivity. With its advanced semiconductor PIN diode technology, it offers precise radiation measurements with a detection volume of 44 mm³. Designed for durability, the AIRDOS04 ensures up to a month of continuous operation, backed by an industrial-grade SD card with rechargeable li-ion cells in easily interchangeable modules. Its modular design guarantees easy data transfer and battery replacement, making it an indispensable tool for aviation dosimetry specialists and professionals.

AIRDOS03 (UAVDOS) - The Drone-Compatible Detector

In collaboration with ThunderFly company, the AIRDOS03 (UAVDOS) is specifically engineered for the TF-ATMON system, integrating seamlessly with drone avionics. Its design emphasizes minimal weight without sacrificing functionality, by using a shared power supply and data storage capabilities with standard drone systems. The TF-ATMON system in combination with other sensors unlocks new possibilities in aerial radiation surveillance by optimal use of flight time to obtain high-quality data.

AIRDOS02 - Designed for Extended Missions


The AIRDOS02 refines its predecessor’s design, focusing on long-term reliability and ease of use. Its enhanced semiconductor PIN diode increases detection volume to 44 mm³, allowing for half-yearly measurement intervals. Ideal for aviation professionals seeking a blend of performance and simplicity.

AIRDOS01 - The Original Game-Changer


The AIRDOS01 set the standard for onboard aircraft dosimetry. Equipped with a robust battery and integrated GPS, it not only provides accurate dose measurements but also maps flight trajectories, offering valuable insights into radiation exposure for flight crews. It could also obtain the time of significant detected events.

AIRDOSF01 - Customized for Fidelity

Responding to specific customer feedback, the AIRDOSF01 introduces a rotated orientation of the detection diode, enhancing measurement accuracy. This model omits the GNSS receiver, focusing solely on delivering precise radiation data where it matters most.

AIRDOSC01 - The Scintillation Specialist

Scintillation Technology for High-energy Photon Detection

The AIRDOS-C leverages cutting-edge scintillation methods for detecting ionizing radiation, offering better sensitivity to high-energy photons and neutrons. Powered by a long-lasting primary cell, it’s the choice for professionals requiring extended sensitivity and maintenance-free operation.

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