Elevate your research and development with Universal Scientific Technologies. As pioneers in the field of open-source scientific instrumentation, we are committed to delivering comprehensive electronic systems that exceed the expectations of the scientific community. Our expertise spans the creation of innovative dosimeters for ground-based, airborne, and space applications to the development of MLAB modules, the open-source electronic kit. Our commitment to open-source principles ensures our devices are not only advanced but also adaptable to your unique requirements.

Explore our product range and see how we can transform your scientific exploration. From custom device development to professional support with the MLAB system, we are your partners in innovation.

Advanced Dosimetry Solutions

Discover the precision of SPACEDOS, AIRDOS, and GEODOS series dosimeters and spectrometers, utilized from the surface of the Earth to the expanse of space.

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MLAB: Electronic Laboratory

Empower your projects with MLAB, the open-source electronic kit designed for innovation and engineered for performance.

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Customized Electronic Solutions

From concept to creation, collaborate with us to develop tailor-made devices that meet your specific research needs.

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