We are a flexible, constantly evolving company operating in the field of electronic devices. We specialize in complete deliveries of electronic systems based on the diverse requirements of our customers. Our portfolio also contains ready-to-use products that can be modified or adjusted according to customers’ needs. Most of our devices are published under an open-source license.

Development of tailor-made devices

The development of customized devices based on our customers’ requirements is a regular part of our work. The range of devices we are able to design is quite extensive, all depending on the mutual agreement with a customer. We also have experience with realization of projects in the field of automation.

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MLAB electronic laboratory

We provide a professional support for MLAB, an open-source electronic kit. We design and manufacture MLAB modules and are, so far, the only autorized dealer of MLAB components.

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We have developed high-quality dosimeters and spectrometers of SPACEDOS, AIRDOS and GEODOS series. These device have found application in a number of devices placed on the ground, inside civil aircrafts, satellites or even onboard of the ISS space station.

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